The Hermit Crab Name: None
Nicknames:Hermy, The Crab, Buddy, Dave's Hermit Crab, HC
Residence:Old snail shells
Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, abusing his pyshic powers.
After a horrible accident involving an electrical outlet, the discovery hermit crab instestine CAN be used as a light source, under the right conditions, and a trip to the '6-1-1' emergency room, the Crab had his normal animal pyshic powers accelerated. Despite the fact that he could easily create his own private universe from sheer will, he is content to lounge round Dave's house, and provide Dave with occasional assisance. Because Dave feeds him. Granted, he could create an infinate source of food with a passing thought. But, c'mon, its a passing thought. With that he could end world hunger, build homes for the homeless, end pollution. Or, find some good porn on the internet. Either way.
Favorite Quotes: The word "impossible" doesn't exist for me. I can do ANYTHING. But, the word "lazy" does exist for me. In a big, BIG way.
See Also: David Sinclair, Tara Vance, Jake McBurney
What I really hate is: Nothing. If I really hate something, I can make it so it never existed. Man, I love this.

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