Name:David Eric Sinclair
Nick Names:Davy, Dave, Floppy Disk Jockey
Occupation:Low-level network administrator
Residence:Massillon, USA
Hobbies: Programming, playing games, playing with hermit crab, wondering what the big yellow ball in the sky is.
Although David's job description is network admisitrator, he doesn't get to do any administrating. The higher up Admins have him helping the incompetent with their computer problems. He also belongs to the Secret Order That is So Secret, It Doesn't Even Have a Name (SO TIS SIDE HAN), which protects the ignorant masses from the Computer Goblins, Mail Room Monster, and other evil forces of technology.
Favorite Quote:Well, this is going to suck.
See Also:Tara Vance, Jake McBurney, Howard Humes, The Crab
What I really hate is:when the computer goblins poke you with their sharp, pointy plastic sticks.