Jake McBurney Name: Jacob Robert McBurney
Nicknames:Jake,Jakey, Jakey Poo, Burns
Occupation:Intra-Office On site techincal support
Residence:Massillon, USA
Hobbies:TV, Experimental Sandwiches, Making sure the company's DSL is working
Description:Having to go visit technophobic idoits in their offices takes its toll of Jake, but relieves that stress by kicking butt as no.2 of the Phata Smofos. He also is the one who gets the 'Smofos their network practice time, logging it off as 'Stress test diagnostics'.
Favorite Quote: It won't bite too hard, sir. I still have 9 of 10 fingers
See Also: Tara Vance, David Sinclair, Howard Humes, The Crab
What I really hate is: idiots.