Captian Nimrod
Name:Captian Nimrod
Nick Names:Captian Nimrod, Nimmy
Occupation:Super Hero
Resideance:The HurlFast
Hobbies:Shooting things, blowing things up, try to find the perfect pair of fuzzy dice for his rear radar read out
Although cronologically almost 70, biologically, Captian Nimrod is only about 20.(Its a 0-g, hyperspace jumping, faster-than-light-light travel thing) Using a ship constucted by aliens that crash-landed in Roswell, Ohio (they needed another beings signature to varify their insurence claim), Nimrod is earths representative to the stars. They could have picked a better person.
Favorite Quote:Oh. Joy.
See Also:The HurlFast
What I really hate is:When you already have the 4th demisional jump cordinates' point floating, then your flux capasitor goes out, and your FTL drive fails.(Its a star-ship pilot thing)