Talk to Me and Win Stuff Safari Sam will be running its first contest starting on the 10th and ending whenever I finish the current story arc (sam0084 or 0085).
the rules for the contest are simple: Send me an e-mail telling me what you think of the strip. Comments, questions, suggestions, anything.

Your e-mail address will then be added to a list, and assigned a number or numbers (You will get one entry per week. Althought I'd appreciate more email than that, you can only get another chance at winning once per week.)
Then, using a random number program (I will post the code), numbers will be picked. If your email is next to a number chosen, you win! Prizes will given in the order the number is chosen.

Prizes include:
  • Autographed sketch of character of your choice.
  • Autographed orginal strips.
  • Guest appearences
  • Signed photocopies of 4-strip blocks.

    Send your e-mails to: Rules:

    1)No purchuse nesscessary. And you don't even need to visit. Just fire off an email.

    2)No age limit

    3) Only 1 prize per household and per e-mail adress. Since I can't really enforce the household policy,I'll just have to trust you guys.

    4)Winners will recieve announcements in their e-mail. If an anouncement is not responded to in 7 days, it will be put, with all other unclaimed prizes, into a secondary drawing.

    5)In order of an entry to count, it must meet these conditions:
  • There must be atleast 168 hours (7 days) between the e-mail and the previous e-mail that counted.
  • The e-mail must contain a reference to the comic strip Safari Sam. What counts as reference will be decided at the disgression of David Edwards.
  • The e-mail adress given as the sender must beable to receive replies.
  • The email must be sent to or to

    6)Your e-mail adress will not be sold or shared with out your consent.