Weekly Trash News Desk update: August 23, 2000

Summer and College
Well, summer is over. And, even though I didn't go daily the WHOLE summer, you got your daily block of comics. I'm going to college Saturday. I don't know how this will affect the flow of comics. I was debating just leaving you hanging with Sam0088, but, I decided I'll continue on.
I'm slowly updating the enitre sign, and just correctiing links and such. It'll take awhile.
Well, I'll se you guys arround. And contact me for the love of all that's holy. I'd like some feedback. WE'RE BACK, BABY!
The Hiatus is O-VAH! We're going to be slowing bring Sam back up to speed. We're not outta the woods yet, Folks. There's cooking projects, Pre-Calc, and yes, more english to do before they are forced to release us in May. I also have to remember my editing techniques....i've been out for over a month. I'd like to thank those who kept visiting to brighten my spirits. Expect weekly up dates for the rest of March. And, perhaps, a SUMMER OF SAM! That's right, depending on how things go, Sam might go daily this summer. Yes, I know I'm milking the movie a year late.

And, for the love all that's holy people, e-mail me! JUST SEND ME SOMETHING! And, just to warn you, all replies will come from safarisam@hotmail.com. Freeservers doesn't have out going mail yet. I'm desperate here, people. Hiatus
Sam is on hiatus for a period of between March 6, 2000 till March 30, 2000. Cause my senior research paper is due on March 6, after only being assigned (not explained, mind you, just assigned) on the 14th. And, i'll probably be correcting it, and recovering from the caffine I'll be chuggin like water very soon.

On the plus side, the hiatus won't be as long as I thoguht. On the minus side, its going to be a complete hiatus. No updates. Which sucks cause it will take that long to get my 'Peanuts' tribute strip up. Oh well. Sucks to be me.

Plot inconsistance in Safari Sam Online.
Safari Sam Online (the story arc's staring Safari Sam)has a few plot inconsistances. Don't worry. This is semi-on purpose. It'll make sense later.
Everything's conspiring against me....
Senior Proficances..(i know i'm speelling it...but i'm tired)...my english teacher, who apparently thinks we don't sleep sometimes...Pre-Calc...and i'm fighting something on and off...and my scanner doesn't like me a whole bunch. All this and more is why there's not as many sams are there should be. Expecially Mondays. (cause friday i can stay up till 3am to finish a comic if need be.)I'm doing what i can. I'm thinking about maybe double-updating on the weekends.
Sam turns 50 and the late comic
Well, first, sorry about the late comic. I just got smacked with stuff on monday, then on tuesday forgot i didn't do it on monday.There should be a new comic on Friday.

Well, There are now 50 Safari Sam strips. Scary. But, i guess I haven't given them a reason to shut me down. yet. Ha. Haha. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, the Sam 'Research Paper Hiatus' is looking about mid-febuary. There will be at least one update, on the 13th. (ooohhh....spooky)

General Report
Well, just my luck. I get caught up with the comic, and I find out in the near future, I'm going to be slapped with my English Reaserch paper. And do you know what that means? No Sam for you! My research paper comes before my comic, but, i can garrentee atleast 3 updates between now and may. One of them being Friday. I still might be turning out a few strips every now and then, and i'll keep drawing, but, Sam's going to be on vacation very soon. Sam will resume as soon as I'm finished with my research paper.

Can it turn a profit?
I've resently (sorta) sold out. I've got a (sorta) sponser. 5 cents a click. That means that Sam has the possibility of turning a profit. Heaven forbid. However, if it does, by some strange coinsidence, make about $70 a year, I will be able to regester a domain name. C'mon. Help me out! click FreeShop

I'm thinking about starting a contest for Sam. I'm still working out the terms of winning, but I've got the prize: A drawing of a character of the winners choice. A scanned, possibly colored, version will be sent to the winner via e-mail (I'll work out file size and format with the winner), and, if the winner doesn't mind giving me a mail address, i'll send them the orginal.

Color Strips? Stay it ain't so!
Due to the fact that the image editor i'm using was designed for photographs, i might be starting to color my strips. The only thing really holding this back is my color cordination skills. They're somewhere around those of a blind, rabid weasel.

Archive Revision
The archive has seen a major revision. Each comic now has a .html page, instead of just the picture. The page has a prev and next links for easy browsing, and short commentary about each one. Its still being updated, so, if you find any problems, please, email me.

Image Clarity
The strips should be looking a lot clear now, with no unsightly white spots or gray spills.
I've refined my process from scanning, editing in APD, sending to .bmp format for text, then back to APD and then to .gif. Now , I put the text in APD, and send to .bmp, and convert to .giffrom .bmp. Don'y understand? It's ok. You'd have to there.Hey, it works. Be happy.

I'm going to be running stories in larger chunks now. Remember, I new at this. So, both of you, just cut me some slack.

School Starts
Still no problems for Sam. And, its looking like it might stay that way.

Art Class
Well, folks, this isn't gonna get better anytime soon. Most unfortunatly, the Art I class as my high school was filled up, so, looks like you're going to have to deal with art from a 7th grade art education some more. Well, it can't get any worse. I hope.

Look, I'm new to this, and have no idea really how i'm doing. I need feed back people! Advice, suggestions, whatever! Just e-mail!

Strip is udated once a week. Perhaps twice if i'm on the ball

A good show is about to die. But, theres something you can do. Goto www.sluggy.com and follow links.
*APD2- Adobe Photoshop Deluxe 2.0

Well, that's it for now.
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