Ele Name:Elefant #654
Nick Names:Ele, Ellis
Occupation:Lazy Genetic Mutant
Residence:Killbuck, USA
Hobbies: Trampling stuff, wallowing in mud, rubbing against trees, playing video games, trying to find other Elefants.
Genetic Manipulation #654;Human + Elephant , or Ele, has been on the run from the company that made him since his escape 6 years ago. Not they've looked very hard, they now make mouse balls and those moisture adsorbing things. Befriending Sam soon after his escape, they have workied in their spare time to track down the other 9 know living Elefants.
Favorite Quote:Why me?
See Also:Sam Edwards, Seņor Gestopo, Sandra Summers
What I really hate is:poachers.