Seņor Gestopo Name:Seņor Gestopo
Nick Names:The Seņor
Occupation:Canadian Prescription Drug Runner
Residence:Ultra-spiffy secret fortess somewhere in Canada
Hobbies:Obtaining new technology, checking up on his R&D guys, clog dancing
Seņor Gestopo rules iron fist, and dances with wood-clad feet. Although his prescription drugs could very easily be imported through legal means, he doesn't see the fun in that. There's no challenge, no thrill. And, he hates all the paperwork
Favorite Quote:Just don't push the shiny red button. I know its red, I know its shiny, and I'm aware its a button, but JUST DON'T PUSH IT!
See Also:Sam Edwards, Ele
What I really hate is: paper work. And, if I get a paper cut, so help me, I'll nuke something.