Tara Vance Name:Tara Marie Vance
Nick Names:Commander, Curly,Flaming Death.
Occupation:Intra-office technical support
Residence: Clayton, USA
Hobbies: Toying with the ignorant, reading, kicking multiplayer game butt.
Tara Vance, despite being on the cutting edge of technology, refuses to own a computer with an OS above Windows 3.11. "Windows is evil, Macintosh sucks, and Linux lacks the games."So, she waits. She waits for windows to not be evil. Macintosh not to suck. And, for some games other than quake to come out for linux. Like...mechwarrior 2. In which she dominates the inter-office ladder, and leads her team, The Phata Smofos, to victory.
Favorite Quote:BURN AND DIE!
See Also:David Sinclair,Jake McBurney, Howard Humes,The Crab
What I really hate is:People asking for my hair care secrets.