What IS Safari Sam?
Safari Sam is a comic I've drawn in one form or another for 4 years. It is accually 4 strips in one- In addition to Safari Sam & Ele, there's also Captian Nimrod, Inside DEAD Inc, and Trent Browser PI. You are currnetly experenceing Safari Sam online, the 'upgrade' so to speak, of the precursor, Safari Sam v2.5

Who is Safari Sam?
Safari Sam is the nick name of Sam Edwards. He is a human male of undermined age. (13-17) Along with his best friend (a human-elephant genetic mix, see "Who is Ele") and help from Señor Gestopo(Who are the supporting Cast?), he has many adventures. 'Nuff Said.

Who is Ele?
Ele is the name of Sam's best friend. He's an Elefant(A human-elephant genetic mix)

Who is Captian Nimrod?
Captain Nimrod is the resident super hero. You may ask why I call him Nimrod. Well, acording to the bible, Nimrod was a great hunter and leader. He build the Tower of Babel. This is true. We swear. On occasion.

Who is Trent Browser?
Trent Browser is a bumbling Private Investigator, who recieves help from his partner Monroe. James Monroe.

What is "Inside DEAD Inc?" Inside DEAD Inc is about David Sinclair, his friends, his enemies, and his psyhicly-gifted crab. This strip bears and almost uncanny resemblence to Dilbert™,(Dave has an elongated head), but he was drawn before I'd ever heard of Dilbert™.

So, are you putting 4 strips up every update?
Well, I've thought about that, but sometimes I get stumped on a story, and its nice not to draw it for a while. What I do is alternate strips. For a few strips its Safari Sam, then it changes to DEAD Inc, etc. Plus, I can't put out 4 strips a week. I can on paper, but the editing delay kills me.

Who are the Supporting Cast?
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