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Comic for September 10, 2001
Updated Monday and Friday normally. Current situations are not normal, however.

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April 1, 2002: Sorry for being gone so long. After a long hard think, I've desided not to discontinue Sam. What can I say, I like the retard. However, I'm dropping the current story. Not so much because of the subject matter, but, because I'm not happy with it. So, I'm working on another story arc. Its a bit more "serious", and serves mainly as a character devolpment vehicle.
September 10, 2001: Haven't really been happy with the current lay of the story, so i'm making some changes. I've also been dodging this. I hope to get back to normal soon. Sam isn't dead. Sorry to disapoint.
June 17, 2001: I'm working the night shift. It messes you up. I have the story finshed...on paper. I just need to get it scanned in. I'll probably be posting it 4-strips at a time.
May 24, 2001:Sorry about the lack of updates. Between exams and getting a job, Sam hasn't had alot of time. I plan on finishing the current stroyline soon. I'm still trying to get out on paper. Maybe I can get som editing done at work. I hope. Well, so much for averaging out. Maybe next year.

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