Invite us in! With the spuratic, at best, rate of updates, and the fact that youy might not always be able to get to this page, you might miss a comic, and have to go digging through the archives. So, i'm starting the 'Sam in your inBox' program. so you can receive new Safari Sam comics in your e-mail inbox.

Here's how it works- You give me your e-mail address. I then put it with the list of others who also want Sam in their inboxes. Then, when i'm finished editing a cartoon, i attach it in .gif format (20-60k) to the e-mail, and send it to everyone.

And, in the rare case i get a sponser(god forbid this thing turn a profit), you might find a banner or two also attached. But, i will not give those corporate guys you e-mail addresses.

This is, of course, just a test. It could go belly up at anytime. So, if you sign up, don't delete the bookmark to Safari Sam just yet.

Ok, so if you're reading this, you must be interested. If not, go Back. Ok, so you accept all the above? That's great. Now, lets light this candle.
Step 1: Send me your email adress, and state that you wish to participate in the 'Sam in your inBox' program.
Sample E-mail:

I wish to participate in the 'Sam in your inBox' program.
My email is Someone@something.whatever.

By sending this email, you acknowledge all the terms and conditions mention above. Now, send it to:

Step 2: Wait for the next update of Safari Sam.

Step 3:Read the comic. If you experience problems, e-mail me back with 'Pic Problems' in the header. we'll work out something.

Step 4: In the rare event i get a sponser, click on thier link/banner. This will give me money, and will allow me to spend more time on the comic. Its the only way its going to get better, folks.

You do, of course understand that you might be recieving advertisements in you email along with the comic, but i won't give you e-mail adress out to anyone. You also understand you have to give me you e-mail adress, and i can't 100% garentee that you will recieve the comic. (E-mail errors, back adresses, my server won't accept it, etc.) You also must understand that you can opt not to recieve the e-mail anymore by sending me an e-mail stating that you wish for me not to send the e-mail anymore.